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The local running events I was present:

Virginia Challenge Track Meet

Michie Tavern Downtown Mlle

Charlottesville Women’s 4 Miler

And the most prestigious road running race of them all,

Boston Marathon

Over the summer, I created a Facebook page, to showcase more of my work within the wide world of social media.  

Much more to come in 2015!  Stay tuned for more. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

- Andrew




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Support the Women's Four Miler, get a free picture! https://ajzapanta.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/8/support-the-womens-four-miler-get-a-free-picture One of Charlottesville's most photographed events has got to the Charlottesville Women's Four Miler, held every Labor Day Weekend.  Proceeds from this race support the UVA Cancer Center's Breast Care Program.  I've had the opportunity to volunteer at this race in the recent years, and have been out on race day (with my Nikon at my side), documenting the morning's events.

Just over three years ago, I met Natalie Krovetz, a nurse at UVA. Natalie has been active in the running community over the years, and like me, has used her photography talents to document many local sporting events.  Our friendship started when she took a picture of me at the Charlottesville Ten Miler, and a mutual friend "tagged" me on the Facebook picture.  Through the world of social networking, we learned about each other's lives and love of photography.  And of course, we discovered our mutual friends, through the world of Facebook.   When we finally met in person, actually at packet pickup for the Women's Four Miler I fondly remember Natalie saying, "I'm not sure if I should shake your hand or give you a hug!"  Well, that made my day...and I gave her a hug. :-)  Since then, we've become friends...many times appearing at the same event with our cameras in hand. I have photographed Natalie at various local road running events, and she has photographed me when I have been a participant.

This year, Natalie herself was the beneficiary of the UVA Cancer Center's services.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer and has completed her rounds of cancer treatments.  She is returning back to her normal health, and running again! Natalie will be running the Women's Four Miler with a team. 

I ask that you please consider supporting the Charlottesville Women's Four Miler, particularly, in support of Natalie's fundraising efforts. If you donate towards the cause, I will email you one (1) picture of your choice (a medium resolution image file).  The photos I am offering for this fundraising cause are from local running events I have photographed since late summer/fall 2012.  (Of note, I have photos from the 2012 Women's Four Miler, the 2012 Three Bridges Marathon/Half Marathon, this year's Charlottesville Ten Miler, and the Michie Mile!).  So contact me, once you make a donation to the Women's Four Miler with your picture selection.  Please note the album and picture number (or send a link to the picture).

Thanks for your consideration.  Best wishes to those running the Women's Four Miler on August 31!

- Andrew

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